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Oceans and fisheries
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BeachCleanup in Greece

Theoretical considerations and practical actions are combined equally in this multifaceted action, which includes:

  1. screening of the documentary “The Xanthippi Project – When a trunk was uprooted”, that focuses on an artistic workshop through which students exploited the material remnants of the destruction from the Mediterranean Cyclone “Ianos” in the area of Lake Plastira (2020) to create works that remained on site as permanent exhibits
  2. a panel discussion about urban resilience with experts on climate adjustment and resilience and the Deputy Director of the MOMus -Museum of Contemporary Art and
  3. the cleaning of the Kellarios Bay in cooperation with the organization iSea, located in Thessaloniki, which aims to protect aquatic ecosystems.

The celebration will end with a vegetarian buffet by Chefs for Zero Hunger, who, for some years now, have been discreetly distributing portions of food to our most vulnerable fellow citizens.

It is an essential collaboration and and significant contribution of EUROPE DIRECT Thessaloniki, KEDITH and Heinrich Böll Foundation, Thessaloniki Office – Greece.

  • marine pollution | ocean
  • Wednesday 7 June 2023, 17:00 (EEST)
  • Thessaloniki, Greece

Practical information

Wednesday 7 June 2023, 17:00 (EEST)
2 Kydonion str., Thessaloniki, Greece
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