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EU Beach Cleanup Mozambique

On 16 September 2023, the EU Delegation in Mozambique together with the Member States, in partnership with the UN and local environmental organizations in country, are hosting a large-scale beach clean-up operation at the Catembe Beach, in Maputo city. The EU delegation is hosting the activity, once again, to reiterate the message about marine pollution, on how our habits impact our ocean, and how, by taking action and adopting pro-environment attitudes we can protect ocean ecosystems and ultimately our planet.

  • marine pollution | biodiversity
  • Saturday 16 September 2023, 07:00 (CAT)
  • Maputo, Mozambique

Practical information

Saturday 16 September 2023, 07:00 (CAT)
Catembe Beach
Maputo, Mozambique
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