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Fech't Walk : the truly eco-responsible Franco-German walk

How about combining a friendly walk with action for the environment?

The F'echt Walk, the truly eco-responsible walk, is a citizen's initiative that invites Strasbourg's inhabitants to take a walk along the Rhine while collecting waste.

The walk starts at 1.30 pm and ends at 4.30 pm at the "Ateliers Éclairés" to share a moment of conviviality and awareness of waste recycling.

  • marine pollution | ocean
  • Wednesday 24 May 2023, 13:30 (CEST)
  • Strasbourg, France

Practical information

Wednesday 24 May 2023, 13:30 (CEST)
Pharmacie du Pont de l'Europe
9 rue Abbé F. Xavier Scherrer, Strasbourg, France
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