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Oceans and fisheries
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The event promotes the goals of the European Green Deal managing waste in an environmentally sound manner. Climate change and environmental degradation has been identified as one of the biggest global problems of our times. Garbage that is not deposited correctly damages the ecosystems of the forests and the sea. This event aims to raise awareness and promote the importance of nature restoration, in order to improve quality of life, waste management and use of circular materials. It is important to educate the youth that even small daily gestures can make a big difference towards the world we want to live in. The activity will be divided into two parts. Diving clubs from the Split area will explain to the students how they approach cleaning beaches and what effect they have achieved so far. After that, the divers start cleaning the undersea while members of the Oceanus association teach children how to sort waste.

  • marine pollution | ocean
  • Saturday 6 May 2023, 09:00 - 17:00 (CEST)
  • Croatia

Practical information

Saturday 6 May 2023, 09:00 - 17:00 (CEST)
Student association Oceanus
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