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Oceans and fisheries
Conferințe și reuniuni la nivel înalt

Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030”: Danube and Black Sea Lighthouse launch event

This event will build an appropriate framework to put together community and sectoral stakeholders in the Danube and Black Sea marine region to find the solutions to restore and achieve the good environmental status of the waters system and climate neutrality. The aim of this event is to present the Mission Restore Our Ocean and Waters by 2030, and officially launch the Danube and Black Sea Lighthouse. 

15 MARTIE 2023
Danube and Black Sea Lighthouse agenda
(301.65 KB - PDF)

This high-level event is co-organised with the Government of Romania and with the support of the EcoDaLLi Coordination and Support Action for the Danube basin and its delta.

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  • Bucharest, Romania

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Palace of the Parliament
Bucharest, Romania