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Oceans and fisheries


Sustainable fisheries partnership agreement with Mozambique

The current protocol to the fisheries partnership agreement concluded between the EU and Mozambique covers the period 1.2.2012 – 31.1.2015 with a financial contribution of €98, 000 out of which €46, 000 is dedicated to the support of the fisheries policy of Mozambique.

This fisheries agreement allows EU vessels mainly from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and UK to fish in the Mozambican waters and is part of the tuna network fisheries agreements in the Indian Ocean.

Main features of the SFPA

Duration of the agreement

5 years renewable (1.1.2007 – 31.12.2011)

Duration of the protocol

3 years (1.2.2012 – 31.1.2015)


2 June 2011

Nature of the SFPA

Tuna fishery agreement

Financial contribution

€980,000 out of which €460,000 has been earmarked for the support of the Mozambican sectoral fisheries policy in order to promote sustainability in its waters.

Fee for ship owners

€35  per tonne caught.


Tuna seiners: €5,100 per year (ref catches: 146 t)

Surface long liners < 250 GT: €4,100 per year (ref catches: 118 t )

Surface longliners > 250 GT: €2,500  per year (ref catches: 72 t)

Reference tonnage

8 000 t./year 


The first fisheries agreement concluded between the EU and Mozambique dates back to 1987.


Current legal framework

Agreement adopted by Council Regulation 1446/2007 of 22.11.2007 (OJ L 331 du 17.12.2007)

Protocol adopted by Council Decision 2012/91 of 23 January 2012 (OJ L 46 of 17.2.2012)