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Oceans and fisheries

Control regulation

In 2018, the European Commission submitted a proposal for the revision of the EU fisheries control system, which is currently under discussion by the co-legislators (the Council and the Parliament).

Based on the lessons learnt from the implementation of the existing Control Regulation, which has been in force since January 2010, the Commission has decided to propose a number of changes to the Control Regulation, as well as targeted amendments to the regulation on illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing and the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) founding regulation.

The overall aim of this proposal is to amend the EU fisheries control system in order to simplify it, make it more effective and efficient and to ensure full compliance with the reformed common fisheries policy (CFP).


The specific objectives of this initiative are to

  • bridge the gaps with the reformed CFP
  • improve the availability, reliability and completeness of fisheries data and information
  • remove obstacles that lead to different implementation of provisions by EU countries and to situations that hinder equitable treatment of operators in and across EU countries
  • enhance the level of coordination among and in Member States, the European Commission and EFCA
  • simplify the current legislative framework by reducing administrative burdens, promoting the use of uniform and/or interoperable IT tools (i.e. CCTV) and harmonising the catalogue of serious infringements. (link to previous sections)
  • align EFCA’s missions and tasks with the recent developments in the CFP

Implementation of the Control Regulation

The Commission has a legal obligation to report to the Parliament and the Council on the implementation of the Control Regulation every 5 years. The report is based on observations derived from audits, verifications and inspections carried out according to Title X of the Control Regulation.

In addition, Annex XXXVII of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) №  404/2011, lists the minimum information that EU countries must provide to the Commission to form the basis for 5-yearly report.

The second report, covering 2015-2019, was adopted in June 2021 and is accompanied by a synopsis report summarising Member State reported data.

The first report covered 2009-2014 and was adopted in 2017. 


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