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Oceans and fisheries
Oznámení19 leden 2021Generální ředitelství pro námořní záležitosti a rybolov

Complete a short survey and help EUMOFA improve its services

EUMOFA is conducting a brief online survey about its services. The survey will provide a better understanding of the users’ needs and expectations and help to improve EUMOFA services.

By completing the survey, you will help EUMOFA get closer to stakeholders and continue its path to become the backbone of the market intelligence services for the fishery and aquaculture sector.

The survey is anonymous and in compliance with the GDPR (visit EUMOFA for more information)

Complete the survey


Datum zveřejnění
19 leden 2021
Autor /Autorka
Generální ředitelství pro námořní záležitosti a rybolov