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Oceans and fisheries
Tlačové oznámenie11. júna 2018Generálne riaditeľstvo pre námorné záležitosti a rybárstvo

Create your own marine and coastal maps with the new European Atlas of the Seas!

A new version of the European Atlas of the Seas is now available.

The Atlas hosts a wealth of information about Europe’s marine environment, covering topics such as nature, tourism, security, energy, passenger transport, sea bottom, sea level rise, fish consumption, and much more.

With the new release, users can benefit from an enriched catalogue with more than 120 additional layers to explore, collate and create their own maps. Print, share or embed the maps in your articles and presentations!

The Atlas is the ideal tool for schools, researchers and professionals, or anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge or improve their products and services. Currently available in four languages (EN, FR, DE & ES), the Atlas will soon be available in all official languages of the European Union.

About the Atlas

The Atlas aims to raise awareness of Europe's seas and coasts in the context of the EU's integrated maritime policy. Data providers are primarily the European Commission and its agencies (i.e. EEA, Eurostat, …), as well as the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet), which provided about 80 new maps.

Since September 2017, the EMODnet Secretariat has taken over the management of the Atlas with a mission to further expand the range of services and features and improve the interface, functionality and content. The Secretariat is now also responsible for actively promoting the Atlas and keeping users informed about new maps and features.

Stay tuned! Each week, the Atlas will put the spotlight on a new map worth exploring. Take a moment to tune in and enhance your marine knowledge.

The European Atlas of the Seas is definitely worth a visit!



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11. júna 2018
Generálne riaditeľstvo pre námorné záležitosti a rybárstvo