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News blog22 May 2024Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries1 min read

EU Arctic Forum & Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue 2024: Mapping out together a sustainable future for the region

That’s a wrap on the 2024 edition of the EU Arctic Forum & Indigenous Peoples' Dialogue!

From international cooperation to environmental protection or sustainable economic development, an exciting gathering of experts and Arctic communities coming together to find solutions to the region’s most pressing challenges. 

May it be about climate or from security angles, international cooperation and the local communities’ involvement are more crucial than ever. 

Climate change and biodiversity loss present dire threats to the Arctic: from using an ecosystem-based approach, to research and innovation on both the policy and business sides, we looked at present and future solutions for Arctic ecosystems.

Fostering inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the Arctic is a bottom-up approach: local communities, innovation, dialogue and cooperation are key to finding solutions to the infrastructure and skilled workforce challenges of the region.

From flooding to wildfires; emergency management is becoming an increasing challenge in the Arctic. Knowledge gathering & sharing, civil protection, cooperation, and emergency preparedness are all part of both local & EU answers.

Research on the Arctic is essential to understand and cope with the changes the region undergoes – and subsequently the effects it can have globally. From EU projects & funding, to better opening the doors of research to indigenous people, we looked at how to strengthen Arctic research.

'Nothing about us without us' perfectly summarised by one of our panellists, the Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue gave the stage to indigenous people coming from all over the Arctic to exchange experiences and key knowledge. 

From building more inclusive and just societies, to managing resources and including traditional knowledge into international processes, the second day of the forum saw fruitful and highly valuable exchanges.  

This edition also saw the very first EU-Arctic Youth Dialogue – the opportunity to give a platform to those representing the present and future of the Arctic region, and who will live with the consequences of the decisions made today. 

See you all in June 2025 for the next edition, in Kittilä/Gihttel, Finland! 

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