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Oceans and fisheries
Naujienų pranešimas2018 m. lapkričio 16 d.Jūrų reikalų ir žuvininkystės generalinis direktoratas

EU concludes Sustainable Fishing Partnership Agreement with Guinea Bissau

On 15 November, the EU and Guinea Bissau concluded a new Sustainable Fishing Partnership Agreement (SFPA) protocol, a year after the previous protocol expired.

This new fisheries protocol will allow the EU fleet to fish in Guinea Bissau waters for a duration of 5 years. Around 50 EU vessels targeting demersal fisheries (including cephalopods and crustaceans) as well as tuna and small pelagic species will benefit from the agreement. In return, the EU will pay Guinea Bissau a financial contribution of 15.6 Mio € per year, an increase from the 9.2 Mio € foreseen under the previous protocol. Part of the EU-funding will target the development of a sustainable fisheries sector in Guinea Bissau. In addition, EU ship owners will contribute around 4 Mio € per year.

The protocol foresees the transition from the current system based on vessel capacity to a system based on catch limits (TAC), applicable for the last three years of the agreement. The EU believes this is very positive as it reinforces the transparency and sustainability of the fishing activity. The catch limits are 1,500 t for cephalopods, 2,500 t for crustaceans, 11,000 t for demersals and 18,000 t for small pelagics.

The protocol also includes improved monitoring, thanks to the introduction of an Electronic Reporting System (ERS), which will become mandatory from the third year on. The quantities agreed upon are fully in line with scientific advice and management plans adopted by Guinea Bissau.

The new protocol will enter into force when the necessary legislative procedures for its conclusion have been completed.

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2018 m. lapkričio 16 d.
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