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Oceans and fisheries
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Euronews OCEAN Season 3 Episode 6 - restoring sea anemones for nature, medicine and gastronomy

In this episode, we’ll discover the potential of innovative aquaculture to restore endangered marine ecosystems, produce traditional local seafood and provide valuable scientific material for cancer studies.

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Our crew will join the team of a Granada university spin-off working in the EU-funded project, PLEAMAR, to restore populations of Mediterranean snakelocks sea anemone (Anemonia sulcate) in southern Spain. This endangered invertebrate is very popular in local gastronomy and studied for bioactive compounds.

After a visit to a local restaurant preparing anemones in a traditional way, we’ll dive with the scientists replanting the invertebrates at the sea floor. We’ll also visit their innovative aquaculture facilities, as well as a university laboratory that studies the anemones for bioactive compounds that can help find new treatments for colon cancer.

Following the adoption of the new EU strategic guidelines on sustainable aquaculture in the end of May, this is yet another example of the incredible versatility of European fish and seafood farming.

Tune in to Euronews from 22 June @ 20:50 CET – on any platform.

OCEAN is a Euronews magazine in collaboration with the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MARE). Season 3 features monthly 8-minute videos where we highlight fascinating projects and developments related to the ocean and coastal communities.

The first two seasons featured episodes on marine protected areas, small-scale fisheries, ocean energy, aquaculture, IUU fishing, sustainable fisheries and more. Missed one? Check them out on the Euronews website! You will also find some nice extras about these topics.

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