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Oceans and fisheries
Anuncio4 de marzo de 2019Dirección General de Asuntos Marítimos y Pesca

Register now! High-level conference on oceans on 19 March

On 19 March, the European Parliament and the European Commission organise a high-level conference on oceans: Future of the blue planet. Speakers include top representatives of leading NGOs, business, academia and government. The event will also display several EU projects that all play a unique role in protection and sustainable management of our ocean. All stakeholders and citizens interested in ocean policy are invited!

The oceans are of crucial importance as they are home to a rich biodiversity, act as climate regulators and offer food security. They also contribute to the European economy with a turnover of €566 billion, providing jobs for nearly 3.5 million people.

However, oceans are under increasing pressure from climate change, overfishing, marine litter and many more challenges.

Oceans need to be managed sustainably in order to conserve our fragile marine ecosystems.


On 19 March, the Parliament and the European Commission, will host a conference on the future of oceans, with panel discussions covering global ocean governance; sustainable blue economy; and healthy, clean seas and oceans.

The conference will start at 14.00 CET with doors opening at noon.

The event will take place in the European Parliament’s hemicycle in Brussels.

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Conference website


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4 de marzo de 2019
Dirección General de Asuntos Marítimos y Pesca