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Oceans and fisheries

EU sea basins

The blue economy is a key driver for the prosperity of coastal areas, providing 4.5 million jobs in the EU-27 (2018).

Many of the blue economy sectors have a strong potential to contribute to a sustainable future, in line with the European Green Deal. A few examples

  • maritime renewable energy
  • food from the sea
  • sustainable coastal and maritime tourism
  • blue bio-economy

However, the optimal development of all sea-related activities in a sustainable manner calls for a coherent policy framework based on proper involvement of all stakeholders. Seas are shared among different countries so regional cooperation, including with non-EU countries, is important.

Moreover, each sea basin is different. There are specific conditions, opportunities and challenges for each sea basin, which require a targeted approach. The European Commission recognises this

  • it has developed 3 sea basin strategies: for the Atlantic, the Western Mediterranean and the Black Sea
  • it is closely involved in two macro-regional strategies with a strong maritime character, in the Baltic sea and in the Adriatic and Ionian regions
  • it supports the Outermost Regions in developing their own blue economy strategies