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Oceans and fisheries

AUTOCATCH: digital catch monitoring

University research into the development of a real-time digital catch monitoring system on board vessels, to reduce catch of unwanted species and sizes of fish.


The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) developed an automatic digital catch-information system to provide live information on catches, minimising the catch of unwanted species and sizes of fish. The technology takes live video feed and automatically recognise species entering the net, enabling fishers to make informed decisions in real-time.

The system gives fishers detailed information on the catch entering their trawl and allowing them to make informed decisions based on real-time data. It can also inform fishers what is caught in real-time as well as the ratio of wanted to unwanted catches. Although the technology focused on certain species, it can be further developed to include other species in the future.


  • Digitalisation of the catch process in demersal trawl fisheries.
  • Development of a digital tool for fishers to visualise the entire catch process.
  • Potential transformation of trawl fishing into a fully-informed digital process, limiting unwanted catches and improving sustainability.


Ludvig Ahm Krag

Ludvig Ahm Krag
DTU Aqua (Denmark Tekniske University)
lakataqua [dot] dtu [dot] dk
Phone number
+45 2131 645