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Oceans and fisheries

Fish on every table

EMFF funding helped a small Croatian fish trading company develop a processing and packaging facility to diversify operations and increase quality.

Meduza and all its employees © Marko Jurković
Meduza and all its employees
© Marko Jurković

Meduza, a small, family-run company specialising in the trade of fish products, was in dire need to expand their operations to keep up with production after many successful years in the market.

With the help of EU funding, the company developed a modern processing and packaging factory. The project solved many issues like lack of space and opportunities to pack processed fish and limitations in processing. It also increased the quality of products and made the plant ‘greener’ through a number of environmentally friendly investments, such as the installation of solar panels. The new factory helped them enter a new market for packaged goods, and their share in the market has been growing ever since. Customers can now get their fish from any supermarket, cleaned, descaled, and packed in a sanitary environment to increase quality and shelf life.


  • Increased company’s share in the packaged fish market.
  • Higher energy grade, meaning less energy consumed and reduced costs.
  • Improved packaging capabilities.
  • Enhanced overall product quality.
  • Increased shelf life of products and improved sanitation through the implementation of UV-C, a clean, non-thermal disinfectant, reducing food waste.


Jurković, Marko

Jurković, Marko
Meduza d.o.o.
kontrola [dot] kvaliteteatmeduza [dot] hr
Phone number
+38 5 99 219 1594