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Oceans and fisheries

Smoked fish from the Caribbean

EU funds are helping a fish processor in Guadeloupe to continuously innovate with a wide range of products while improving working conditions for its staff.

In a context of rising prices and high import costs, SME Cap Créole continues to innovate and strive for excellence in its product range. This has been possible thanks to EU funding which has helped the company purchase new machinery to slice, dice, cook, store and package its products.

The company smokes a range of fish, including local species such as marlin, king fish and sailfish. As well as smoked filets, Cap Créole now offers diverse, ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products, including fish burgers, rillettes and fish tartare. The rillettes, in particular, are developed with the trimmings of the fish filets, thereby avoid waste and maximising productivity. The company’s shop also offers other local products, including crackers, rhum and chocolate. 


  • Increased product range of processed fish
  • Increased production capacity
  • Creation of one new job, while maintaining its staff of 25 
  • Improved working conditions 


SAS Caraibes Fumés
capcreoleatcapcreole [dot] com