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h2boat is reaching new markets thanks to BlueInvest

Italian start-up h2boat has developed a very promising hydrogen technology which reduces the CO2 emission of maritime transport. With the help of the EU initiative BlueInvest, it has received coaching to expand its business.

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From pig farmer to fish farmer

Christer Wannebro had been a pig farmer for 25 years. In 2018, his stables needed  renovation, and he felt a strong curiosity to start something new professionally. In that year, he took part in a seminar about circular on-farm aquaculture and decided to give it a try.

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Sustainably managing coastal fisheries in the Gulf of Cádiz

In the Gulf of Cádiz in Spain, coastal fishers have teamed up with three fisheries local action groups (LAGs) to sustainably manage the local fisheries and ensure the fisher’s livelihood in the future. At the same time they have developed an app, ProPesca, to facilitate the lives of the coastal

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Breton fishing vessel shows the potential for sail power

The wind is a free and sustainable energy source offering maritime activities a tremendous opportunity to move away from fossil fuels. The Skravik project, based in Finistère in Brittany, is reviving wind propulsion for artisanal fishing. Thanks to EU support, the project has been able to fund its

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ALGAEDEMO demonstrates the full potential of seaweed

In Europe, seaweed farming is not exploited to its full potential, due to the usually small scale of the enterprises, the limited number of seaweed species and traditional growing techniques.

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Aquaponics Iberia is growing thanks to BlueInvest

Today, 25% of seafood consumed in Europe comes from aquaculture, but only 10% comes from EU aquaculture. There is a huge growth potential. Aquaponics Iberia benefited from the EU BlueInvest mentorship programme to develop its business.

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The underwater menace: EU funding helps detect unexploded bombs

Europe still needs to face the legacy of the wars of the 20th century. Coastal waters around Europe are scattered with unexploded weapons (such as bombs, grenades, naval mines, known as UXO (UneXploded Ordnance)), and their quantity is unbelievable.