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Oceans and fisheries
#EUBeachCleanup 2022

Global campaign for clean, plastic-free oceans

The #EUBeachCleanup campaign, co-organised by the EU, the UN and our blue friends, the Smurfs, every year in September, around World Coastal Cleanup Day, is key to raise awareness about marine litter.

The power of youth

In 2022, the fifth edition of the #EUBeachCleanup campaign will focus on youth, residing under the European Year of Youth umbrella and within the overarching theme of “united against marine litter”: the future generation, international organisations, national leaders, and NGOs working hand in hand to rid our oceans of this plague.

We encourage youth and students all over the world to organise beach clean-ups at their nearby beach or river, or other inland areas.

This will be an opportunity for them to sharpen project management skills in a worldwide campaign with EU and the UN. They will be a key player in raising awareness within their communities on the threat of marine litter. They will be part of building this understanding that we can all make a difference around us. Thanks to them and their community, we will get closer to our goal of ridding our oceans of plastic pollution.

Joining the wave 

Interested in joining the campaign this coming summer and autumn?

That’s easy!

Either join in on one of the events organised by your local Delegation or Representation. Or put up your own event. You can be a team of three or fifty, every action counts! Just register your event and results in the dedicated section of the AWorld App.

8 JUIN 2022
Organising your own event - guidelines for the general public
(476.02 KB - PDF)
8 JUIN 2022
Organising your own event - guidelines for youth and students
(475.81 KB - PDF)
8 JUIN 2022
Guidelines on how to use the app
(4.16 MB - PDF)


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