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Oceans and fisheries


Sustainable fisheries partnership agreement with Kiribati

The protocol to the fisheries partnership agreement concluded between the EU and Kiribati covers the period 16.9.2012 – 15.9.2015.

There is currently no protocol in force since 16 September 2015.

Main features of the SFPA

Duration of the agreement

6 years renewable (16.9.2012 – 15.9.2018)

Duration of the protocol

3 years (16.9.2012 – 15.9.2015)



Nature of the FPA

Tuna fisheries partnership agreement 

Financial contribution

€1,325,000/year out of which €350,000/year (26%) has been earmarked for the support of the Kiribati sectoral fisheries policy.

Fee for ship owners

€35 per tonne caught: €131,250 per purse seiner, €15,000 per long-liner

Special contribution for fishing authorisation for ship owners

€300,000 per purse seiner

Reference tonnage

15,000 t./year

Fishing possibilities



Tuna seiners31-4
Surface longliners3-36


The first fisheries agreement concluded between the EU and Kiribati dates back from 2003. It was the first fisheries agreement to be negotiated in the Pacific.


Current legal framework

Agreement: Adopted by Council Regulation (EU) No 998/2012 of 9.10.2012 (OJ L300 of 30.10.2012).

Protocol: Adopted by Council Decision 2012/669/EU of 9.10.2012 (OJ L300 of 30.10.2012). The text of the protocol was published in the OJ L300 of 30.10.2012.