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Oceans and fisheries


Sustainable fisheries partnership agreement with Micronesia

The fisheries partnership agreement concluded between the EU and the Federated States of Micronesia covers the period 26.2.2007 – 25.2.2016.

The new protocol is currently in the ratification phase and for the time being it is not applied provisionally.

There is no protocol in force since 25 February 2010.

Main features of the SFPA

Duration of the agreement

9 years renewable for a period of 3 years (26.2.2007 – 25.2.2016)

Duration of the protocol

3 years (in the ratification phase)



Nature of the SFPA

Tuna fishery agreement

Financial contribution

€559,000  out of which 27% has been earmarked for the support of the Micronesian sectoral fisheries policy in order to promote sustainability in its waters.

Fee for ship owners

€35 per tonne caught.


Tuna seiners: €15,000 per year (ref catches: 428 t.)

Surface longliners: €4,200 per year (ref catches: 120 t.)

Reference tonnage

8,000 t./year

Fishing possibilities



Tuna seiners516
Surface longliners12-12


This fisheries partnership agreement is the first to be signed between the EC and the Federated States of Micronesia.


Current legal framework

Fisheries partnership agreement and protocol: Adopted by Council Regulation (EC) No 805/2006 (OJ L151, 6.6.2006)

Council Regulation (EU) No 156/2011 of 13.12.2010 on fishing opportunities (OJ L52, 25.2.2011)

Council Decision 2011/116/EU of 13.12.2010 on signing and provisional application (OJ L52, 25.2.2011)