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Oceans and fisheries

Multiannual plans

Multiannual plans (MAPs) are an important tool for fisheries management that helps to ensure the sustainable exploitation of fish stocks.


Almost all important stocks and fisheries are managed by means of multiannual plans, which contain goals for fish stock management. Some plans

  • contain a detailed and tailor-made roadmap for achieving objectives (e.g. MSY)
  • include fishing effort restrictions
  • contain specific control rules and technical measures

Multiannual plans also contain measures for implementing the landing obligation, safeguards for remedial action and review clauses.


Regionalisation allows EU countries to submit, through joint recommendations, detailed measures under specific management instruments.

The common fisheries policy (CFP) foresees regionalisation for a number of instruments

  • multiannual plans
  • discard plans
  • establishment of fish stock recovery areas
  • conservation measures for compliance with EU environmental laws
  • technical measures

In order to ensure that joint recommendations reflect the stakeholders’ views, EU countries first consult the relevant Advisory Councils.


  • News announcement

Today, the European Commission launched a consultation to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the common fisheries policy (CFP). This consultation constitutes the first part of a thorough evaluation that will look at how the CFP has achieved its objectives since 2013.

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