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Oceans and fisheries
Tudósítás29 március 2022Tengerügyi és Halászati Főigazgatóság

“Let’s listen to the Arctic Ocean” event (5 & 8 April, 2022) and Ocean Literacy Festival (4 – 8 April, 2022)

icebergs © z576/Adobe Stock
Icebergs © z576/Adobe Stock

On April 5 and 8, the “Let’s listen to the Arctic Ocean” will offer insights into Arctic Ocean literacy activities and promote exchange among Arctic Ocean related communities, including schools and pupils, teachers, marine science educators, stakeholders from marine-related sectors, NGOs, youth, policy-makers and government representatives, public institutions, researchers and academia, conservationists, entrepreneurs, other ocean professionals as well as general citizens.

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In the first part of the event (April 5), members will discuss ongoing activities in the Arctic Ocean, such as the If Oceans Could Speak” Podcast, share experiences and challenges. The second event module will focus on education and showcase examples of engaging Arctic education materials and practices in schools. The third element creates a space for exchange of youths from the Youth4Ocean community with youth from across the EU.

On April 8, the closing event will look at the outcomes of the previous sessions and provides the ground to develop solutions across communities.

The event takes place in the frame of the Arctic Ocean Literacy Festival, from 4 to 8 April. The festival is currently collecting ideas for ocean related activities: launch a beach clean-up day, stage an art performance or create a short film to raise awareness… anything is possible.

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Both events are organised by the EU4Ocean Coalition and supported by the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission.



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29 március 2022
Tengerügyi és Halászati Főigazgatóság