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Oceans and fisheries
News announcement5 July 2023Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries1 min read

Call for tender: €400,000 available for study on open register for vessels registration

EMFAF CALL FOR TENDER €400,000 for study on flag state responsibilities and open registers for vessel registration, deadline 24 August 2023open registers

The European Commission has launched a new call for tender under the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF). The objective of the call is to finance a study to provide the European Commission with an up-to-date analysis of the economic dynamics and the effects of the use of so-called 'open registers' for vessels. Also often referred as 'flags of convenience', the term is commonly used to designate  the registration by ship-owners of a vessel in a a country other than the country of the ship-owner. From an international ocean governance point of view, this practice raises the issue of the fulfilment of flag states responsibilities. The study will shed light on the models of operators using open registers and the various actors involved as well as propose solutions to address the problems identified.

Deadline: 24 August 2023.

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