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Healthy seas: Commission leads common efforts to improve state of Baltic Sea

Today, Commissioner Sinkevičius is hosting the second edition of the ‘Our Baltic' Conference to address pressing environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea. The high-level conference gathers ministers and high-level officials in charge of fisheries, agriculture, and environment from eight EU Baltic

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From plastic waste to stadium seats

In the heart of Seville, Spain, football fans can enjoy the comfort of their new stadium seats thanks to the joint efforts of the Gravity Wave project and the famous Real Betis football club. The seats were made from plastic waste from the Mediterranean. 

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Tackling marine litter through circular innovation

In the heart of the Bay of Biscay, where the azure waters meet the Spanish Basque Country, the BLUENET project set sail to tackle lost fishing gear, upcycling the ominous 'ghost-nets'.

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EU announces its readiness to use global standards for sharing fisheries data

On 4 September the EU announced its readiness to exchange fisheries control data using a new common global standard recognised by the United Nations. This is an important milestone towards the modernisation of fisheries data exchange, as it is the first time this new global standard will be used