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Oceans and fisheries
News announcement9 June 2023Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

OCEAN CALLS Podcast – How should the sea sound?

OCEAN CALLS Podcast – How should the sea sound thumbnail

How should the sea sound? And how does it sound if you're a fish, a dolphin or a shrimp? What are the noises made by marine animals? What are the impacts of sounds made by humans travelling across the oceans, diving deep to mine for resources, or even waging war across the water?

In this episode, we hear what a happy coral reef sounds like, how Russia's war in Ukraine is hurting dolphin ears, and why slowing down ships could change everything for underwater acoustics.

And at the end, we've put together an ocean sounds quiz.

Guests of this episode are:

Nicolas Entrup, Director for International Relations at Ocean Care.

Pavel Goldin, Leading Researcher at the Department of Evolutionary Morphology, Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Kirsten Thompson, population biologist at the University of Exeter in the UK. Timothy Lamont, marine biologist at Lancaster Environment Centre in the UK.

Special thank you to Reef Pulse, the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics, Tim Lamont and his colleagues Ben Williams from University College London, Eric Parmentier from the University of Liege and Steve Simpson from the University of Bristol for letting us use their underwater recordings in this episode.

Listen to it in full on Euronews website