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Oceans and fisheries
News announcement2 May 2024Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries1 min read

Ocean Calls Podcast – Season 3 Ep. 3: Why should Europeans start eating seaweed?

In this episode of Ocean Calls, we're diving into the world of seaweed — that green, slimy stuff you often find on the beach. It turns out, that seaweed isn't just beach debris; it's also a superfood that offers solutions to various environmental issues, from capturing carbon to reducing overfishing.

Seaweed farming in Europe is much smaller than in Asia – Europe produces only a few thousand tonnes a year, just 1% of global seaweed production. But could seaweed be the next big thing in Europe? And can Europeans get past the initial dislike of it?

At the end of the episode, you’ll hear from Eurovision star Cesar Sampson about his adventures during the competition in Portugal.

Follow these links to read more about our guests:

Anne Seidler, a Marine Policy Officer at Seas At Risk

Simon Johansson, the CEO of Nordic Seafarm

Ocean Tale from Cesar Sampson, Austrian singer and Eurovision participant


Listen to it in full on Euronews website.