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Oceans and fisheries

Aquaculture remote classroom

The Aquaculture Remote Classroom (ARC) is a mobile classroom which has been designed to raise young people’s awareness of aquaculture.

Interior of the Aquaculture Remote Classroom ©BIM
Interior of the Aquaculture Remote Classroom

Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency, BIM, developed the ARC as part of a European wide campaign called #FarmedintheEU. This mobile classroom tours small towns around Ireland, delivering aquaculture education and awareness to primary schools. Like the EU campaign, it aims to highlight the benefits of aquaculture in supplying sustainable seafood, creating employment and helping sustain coastal communities.

The remote classroom is supported by four online lessons, regular webinars direct to schools and a range of learning resources and materials such as posters and workbooks. The ARC is available to schools completely free of charge. 


  • Since launching in 2019, the ARC has visited 71 primary schools, delivering in-person lessons to 2,627 students.
  • The numbers of individual engagements have increased in recent years, as well, demonstrating a strong public interest in aquaculture education.
  • The ARC has been present at seven public outreach events, engaging with 7,155 individuals, and receiving a total of 460 expressions of interest in its services.


Katie Boyle

Katie Boyle
Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM)
kboyleath2 [dot] ie