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From plastic waste to stadium seats

In the heart of Seville, Spain, football fans can enjoy the comfort of their new stadium seats thanks to the joint efforts of the Gravity Wave project and the famous Real Betis football club. The seats were made from plastic waste from the Mediterranean. 

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Tackling marine litter through circular innovation

In the heart of the Bay of Biscay, where the azure waters meet the Spanish Basque Country, the BLUENET project set sail to tackle lost fishing gear, upcycling the ominous 'ghost-nets'.

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BlueInvest supports '13 Mari': innovation for fuel efficiency

The Bulgarian-based startup 13 Mari develops innovative drag reduction solutions for improved fuel efficiency and cleaner waters.  The company received coaching through the EU BlueInvest Readiness Assistance Programme and was able to secure more than USD 500,000 in funding.

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Seasy sails ahead with BlueInvest

The growth of the European recreational boating sector and maritime tourism has spurred the demand for sustainability and innovation. This is where the Austrian-based startup Seasy comes in.

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Training the water sports professionals of tomorrow

As the ancient Nautilus Shell - symbol of renewal, evolution, and growth - the EU-funded Nautilus project developed an innovative training methodology for instructors of water sports tourism.

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Pairing caviar with biodiversity

At the foot of the Rhodope Montains, in Bulgaria, an aquaculture family business had to cope with its fish getting eaten away by cunning birds. But in this Natura 2000 Protected Area, fighting back and attacking the birds was out of question – on account of the bird killing ban put in place