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Oceans and fisheries

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FAMENET communicates the successes of the EMFF and EMFAF, through the collection of good practices and stories, to a wide range of audiences.

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FRESQO – ensuring fresh fish

Nobody wants to eat a fish gone bad, and so quality control is key to ensure freshness. Normally this is done by an experienced veterinarian looking at fish samples. The EU-funded FRESQO project has developed a prototype for a revolutionary automated tool that can improve this process, and so help

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Green sailing for Christmas

Greening maritime shipping is a major objective of the European Green Deal. The objective of moving away from fossil fuels and reducing CO2 emissions is not only being sought at political level.

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Rescuing seahorses with HIPPOSAVE

At the start of the century the Ria Formosa lagoon in southern Portugal was home to the biggest seahorse population in the world. Only two decades later, the situation has changed dramatically, and seahorse numbers have fallen by more than 90%. HIPPOSAVE is an action plan for the recovery and

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‘Sea’ the difference with Ocean Leaves

Ocean Leaves harnesses the natural benefits of algae to produce a range of products for the domestic gardening and agricultural sectors. Ocean Leaves’ products act as 'bio-stimulants' that can help to regulate and enhance the physiological processes of plants,

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I fish I knew - bringing information directly to fishers

Fishers can lack the necessary time to follow the ever evolving societal needs and legislative evolutions in fisheries. In the Netherlands, the Vistikhetmaar (“I fish I knew”) project set up a website to provide fishers and fishing academies with a “one-stop shop” presenting tailor-made,

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From pig farmer to fish farmer

Christer Wannebro had been a pig farmer for 25 years. In 2018, his stables needed  renovation, and he felt a strong curiosity to start something new professionally. In that year, he took part in a seminar about circular on-farm aquaculture and decided to give it a try.

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Sustainably managing coastal fisheries in the Gulf of Cádiz

In the Gulf of Cádiz in Spain, coastal fishers have teamed up with three fisheries local action groups (LAGs) to sustainably manage the local fisheries and ensure the fisher’s livelihood in the future. At the same time they have developed an app, ProPesca, to facilitate the lives of the coastal