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Oceans and fisheries

FAMENET stories

FAMENET communicates the successes of the EMFF and EMFAF, through the collection of good practices and stories, to a wide range of audiences.

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Fish on every table: Revolutionising fish consumption, the Croatian way

Founded in 1989 in the central Croatian city of Karlovac, Meduza started as a small family-run company with a big dream: to revolutionise the trade in fish and fishery products in Croatia and beyond. Thanks to EU funding, Meduza has achieved its dream. The company now has a modern processing

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When artificial is beneficial

Much to the fishers’ dismay, cod populations in the Baltic Sea have been decreasing since the 1990s. The reasons are many, including habitat degradation. The same decade also saw the start of a potential solution to habitat loss.

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A path to a business in fisheries

Starting a business is not always easy. This is certainly the case in the world of fisheries, where there is so much to know. In France, to help young people enter this old and important trade, the Finistère regional Fisheries and Marine Aquaculture Committee created the EU-funded Pathways to

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Training future seafarers

With a little less than 50 km of coastline, fishers in Slovenia often need to be able to diversify. This is why the maritime school of Portorož partnered with local fishers and Istra fisheries local action group to launch an EU-funded training programme “Be a fisher!”,

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FRESQO – ensuring fresh fish

Nobody wants to eat a fish gone bad, and so quality control is key to ensure freshness. Normally this is done by an experienced veterinarian looking at fish samples. The EU-funded FRESQO project has developed a prototype for a revolutionary automated tool that can improve this process, and so help