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Oceans and fisheries


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Launch of the new season of the #TasteTheOcean campaign

On 18 September, the Commission launched a new season of the #TasteTheOcean campaign, bringing sustainable fish and seafood to the tables of 9 EU countries for the following 4 weeks.

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EU announces its readiness to use global standards for sharing fisheries data

On 4 September the EU announced its readiness to exchange fisheries control data using a new common global standard recognised by the United Nations. This is an important milestone towards the modernisation of fisheries data exchange, as it is the first time this new global standard will be used

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BlueInvest supports '13 Mari': innovation for fuel efficiency

The Bulgarian-based startup 13 Mari develops innovative drag reduction solutions for improved fuel efficiency and cleaner waters.  The company received coaching through the EU BlueInvest Readiness Assistance Programme and was able to secure more than USD 500,000 in funding.

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Seasy sails ahead with BlueInvest

The growth of the European recreational boating sector and maritime tourism has spurred the demand for sustainability and innovation. This is where the Austrian-based startup Seasy comes in.