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Oceans and fisheries


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A path to a business in fisheries

Starting a business is not always easy. This is certainly the case in the world of fisheries, where there is so much to know. In France, to help young people enter this old and important trade, the Finistère regional Fisheries and Marine Aquaculture Committee created the EU-funded Pathways to

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EU Fishing Authorisations website launched

Today, the European Commission has launched a new website on EU Fishing Authorisations. Users can now search for data on fishing authorisations that have been granted during the last 10 years for EU vessels fishing outside EU waters and for non-EU vessels fishing in EU waters.

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Sea Rangers sail ahead thanks to BlueInvest

The mission of the Dutch startup Sea Ranger Service is to restore 1 million hectares of ocean biodiversity by the year 2040, while training 20,000 young people for a maritime career.

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Training future seafarers

With a little less than 50 km of coastline, fishers in Slovenia often need to be able to diversify. This is why the maritime school of Portorož partnered with local fishers and Istra fisheries local action group to launch an EU-funded training programme “Be a fisher!”,