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Oceans and fisheries

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What do Coast Guards do for maritime security in the EU waters? In this episode of Ocean, we’ll follow the COASTEX-22 joint exercise in Croatia, where vessels, helicopters, airplanes and a number of observers from European Coast Guard authorities test various coast guard functions.

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This is the moment we have been waiting for: the EU4Algae Forum is going live, and you can now submit your pre-registration. In the next three years this initiative will foster sustainable algae production and consumption in Europe.

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The 5th Intergovernmental Conference negotiating the UN High Seas Biodiversity Treaty* suspended its session with significant progress made in almost all chapters, bringing the international community closer than ever to the Treaty it needs for protecting the ocean,

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Farming finfish, shellfish and aquatic plants in the sea or inland waters is one of the world’s fastest growing food sectors. It already provides the planet with more than half of all the seafood and fish we eat.

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For centuries, people across Europe have been farming fish in ponds or picking mollusks at the seafloor. Today, some of these traditional methods can benefit natural ecosystems, boost public health and promote sustainable economic growth.