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Oceans and fisheries

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Vessel-based surveys are important in assessing and managing fishery stocks. However, vessel surveys are usually a very time-consuming, expensive affair. Moreover, working conditions at sea can be very rough, and for safety reasons even a small vessel needs a crew of at least two.

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Plastic pollution in our ocean has devastating consequences for biodiversity, fisheries, tourism and coastal communities. EU has taken many steps to address this problem, either by direct legislative initiatives, by awareness-raising campaigns (such as the ongoing #EUBeachCleanup),

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Europe still needs to face the legacy of the wars of the 20th century. Coastal waters around Europe are scattered with unexploded weapons (such as bombs, grenades, naval mines, known as UXO (UneXploded Ordnance)), and their quantity is unbelievable.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has severely disrupted the energy market in Europe. To deal with this emergency, the EU is reducing its needs for energy imports and speeding up its green energy transition, as laid out in the REPowerEU plan of the European Commission.

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What do Coast Guards do for maritime security in the EU waters? In this episode of Ocean, we’ll follow the COASTEX-22 joint exercise in Croatia, where vessels, helicopters, airplanes and a number of observers from European Coast Guard authorities test various coast guard functions.