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Oceans and fisheries


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EU blue bioeconomy report is out

The blue bioeconomy includes any economic activity associated with the use of renewable aquatic biological resources to make products. The 2022 edition of the EU blue bioeconomy report focuses on algae and seaweeds, as the algae sector has been recognised as the most notable sector of the

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Commission report on the implementation of the Western Mediterranean initiative

The Commission has adopted a report on the outcomes of the Western Mediterranean (WestMED) initiative which has been in place for 5 years. Since 2017, five EU Member States (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Malta), and five southern partner countries (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and

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Green sailing for Christmas

Greening maritime shipping is a major objective of the European Green Deal. The objective of moving away from fossil fuels and reducing CO2 emissions is not only being sought at political level.

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Going with the wind

Maritime and fisheries industry increasingly needs to adapt to higher fuel costs and new regulations to reduce harmful emissions. The Aspiring Wingsails project developed, tested and validated a wind propulsion system (eSAIL®) that reduces the fuel use and pollutant emission of fishing vessels.